Guardian in Second Life Secondfest

The Guardians Secondfest is providing a gateway into Second Life.

Alexis Krotoski (surely the coolest and most readable games reviewer and blogger) writes on the secondfest microsite

Welcome to Second Life! Get ready to enter a strange and wonderful new way to interact with the World Wide Web – one where music, art, information and collaboration are embodied in 3D and happen in real time. Secondfest is the first music festival of its kind in this new breed of virtual worlds, showcasing the creativity, the talent and the technology that the interconnected and global gathering has to offer.

Unlike other musical output on the web, which provides audio through individual web pages for listeners to enjoy on their own, Secondfest offers a community of music lovers and the festival faithful a chance to see some top flight entertainment all together, in a massive digital field

In addition the SecondFest site contains a wealth of excellent material and article on second life …

I will attempt to blog / report on the second life ‘builds’ as Secondfest rolls out.


Too Big ?

I read that second life is now too big for anyone to visit every location within second life within a (second) lifetime.

SL Event: Using Second Life as part of your Architectural Practice

May 29, 10AM PST (Thats 6pm here in the UK)

Keystone Bouchard

Summary: Keystone Bouchard will be doing a demonstration showing several ways in which professionals can use Second Life as a tool to support their practice.  The strategies demonstrated will range from the most basic low-cost installations to more comprehensive long-range opportunities.  The following topics will be covered:

* How to import and display portfolio images to display in Second Life
* How and where to buy or rent virtual land
* Do’s and don’ts of bringing clients into Second Life
* Receive landmarks to places you can learn to build, script and meet others

First embassy to open in Second Life

Sweden will open the first “diplomatic representation” in the virtual reality of web-based Second Life, on 30 May, the Swedish Institute said on Friday.

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SLevent: Future Challenges: Global Creative Contexts

June 14, 10AM PST  6PM GMT

Chris Luebkeman : Future Challenges: Global Creative Contexts

Population shifts, increasing scarcity, and the wanton consumption of arable land and natural (renewable and nonrenewable) resources amount to what could prove to be a significant global dilemma – a dilemma of disastrous proportion. Yet trends in design and an ever-increasing focus on conservation and environmental issues suggest that we are headed for a collective change. This program considers the impact of global drivers of change on sustainable creative contexts, explores potential implications, and provides attendees with examples of design work that is already responding to the challenges.

Attend this event on Autodesk Island HERE (SLurl).

SL Event: Green Design as Civic Engagement

May 15, 10AM PST – Thats 6pm GMT

Sergio Palleroni in conversation with Phil Bernstein

Summary: One of the challenges of green design is the need for widespread adoption if it is to make a significant impact on the future health of our planet. In this process of adoption designers play a central role, not just through their designs but by redefining their role to clients, society, and the built environment.  For over 20 years the BASIC Initiative has worked to educate students of architecture to engage this challenge and consider it as an opportunity to re-imagine and empower design as a force for change.

Sergio’s presentation will explore this challenge to redefine the role of architecture as an agent for change through three projects of the BASIC Initiative. In this work the responsibility of architects to create spaces of aesthetic value is challenged by environmental, economic concerns as students and faculty tackle issues of poverty and environmental degradation faced by the globes poorest citizens. In the work presented collaboration among designers and with the client and community, and at times other disciplines, creates solutions and new possibilities for design which help advance the idea that design has the potential to reformulate the conditions and paradigms of our societies.

SL References – Building the Future

As an introduction to SL and its impact on the buitl enviroment – take a look at :

Second Life on Wikipedia

An excellent read and introduction is Lachmi Khemlani’s   Building the Future report

Virtual Suburbia blog, devoted to reviewing the Architecture of Second Life

Virtual Architectural Association in Second Life: (This is a SL URL – you will need a Second Life Account to teleport to this location.)

aloft Hotels To Unveil Updated Design Strategy in Second Life

aloha! aloft hotels worldwide today announced the reopening of its newly renovated virtual hotel, aloft SL. On Tuesday, May 8, 2007, aloft will reveal its new design strategy, based on important feedback from Second Life(R) residents, underscoring aloft’s commitment to responding to consumer feedback and to building the world’s best select service hotel brand

Already in SL? then use the SLurl to visit – Aloft promises You will be able to walk through the hotel, sit down on the new furniture, and enjoy all the other new textiles and prints and much more.

More: news  or aloft


News views and comments on how Second Life can and is contributing to today’s and tomorrow’s Real Life built environment, design, build and facilities management agendas.  Your comments are very welcome, and if you are in second life, please drop me an IM or meet to discuss these issues.

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